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Website Builder and Content Management 

Welcome to the home of Host Sports, a next generation website creation and content management system for sports teams and clubs.  Using our service, you can quickly and easily create a team website in seconds using nothing but your web browser.  Your team website will have a public URL which parents, players, and administrators can access from anywhere an Internet connection is available.

Our hosting and site builder solution will help you to create a professional looking website in a matter of hours instead of months or years.  Our website building tools are second-to-none. You will quickly get started making your own website and the only tools required are your computer and a web browser.  Nothing could be simpler than this.

Whether you are a small business owner, an association, a non-profit organization, or just a club, our product has a rich feature set which will allow you to easily manage and promote yourself.  Our website building product contains advanced features such as an article directory, blog, forums, and member management.  Plus, we will work with you to add custom program modules that are specific to your needs.

This is no children's website builder, this gives you professional grade, enterprise quality web applications.  That's why our solution is ideal for sports organizations.  Our system runs on a proprietary framework which allows you to add on many different program modules which create additional features for your website.  If you don't find the program module you need, just tell us what you need and we'll give you a free quote.